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Keynote Speaker

As a Futurist I see my role explicitly as a communicator. Keynote presentations are an essential part of my work, where I can articulate thoughts and ideas, which may or may not resonate with an audience. In my presentation style I often utilize the richness of our technocultural media world to illustrate my points in a more entertaining format. However, surprise and discomfort can be as important as inspiration and sincerity.


Consultancy allows me to speak directly and personally to a client in form of a dialogue. It is a reciprocal arrangement of mutual learning. The interactions and interpersonal relationships help to exchange ideas and to have iterative, almost immediate feedback. The goal is to develop flexible strategies, to depict a broad scale of possible images of the futures, and to design customized tools and methods accordingly.

Workshop & Game Design

Immersive and ubiquitous play provides a preparation for future possibilities on an entirely different level of engagement. Learning through play is really easy and effective. It combines the best out of both worlds, entertainment and education. In consideration of our challenges ahead, it especially enables an understanding of hyper-complexity, inter-connectivity, disruptions as well as the radical dynamics of changing change.


“Civilization is in a race between education and catastrophe.” – H.G. Wells

You can contact me regarding the following Keynote presentations:

A Transdisciplinary Impact Assessment of the Metasystem Transition
Choice Architecture within a Technological Puzzle
The Future of Money: Deonotological and Ontological Designing
eXistenz is Paused: Depression as Transcendental Futureslessness
From Biopunk to Biointelligence
The Virtual Element in the Construction of our Consensual Reality
Precrime and the Omnipotence Paradox
A Theater of Consequences: An Epic Story of Adventure and Exploration

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