The artificially cultivated reign forest had a high level species diversity. The overall integration of biodiversity was explicitly utilizing the architecture in nature to design a regenerative experience for mind and body. ‘Mindspaces’ was a state-of-the-art retreat center. I was standing right in the middle of it, barefoot in warm and moist soil. Between my toes, I felt the structure of the life-birthing and nurturing mother earth. The microorganism itself had enhanced fertility. The properties of bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, algae and protozoa were in their combinatory quality beyond anything the world has seen. Up to 10 billion bacterial cells usually inhabit a single gram of soil in and around the plant roots, a region known as the rhizosphere. But here they have quadrupled the amount. The result was a unique, color-rich, living painting of healthy plants, in which one was immersed in, absolutely willing to surrender to its beauty. The sensory input from the plants around me, induced an interaction with the parts of my brain responsible for smell identification, memory, and emotion, as well as hyper-visual stimulation that had almost a psychedelic dimension. It was natures storytelling of its finest art.

Even before the combination of 3,4-Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine and Lysergic acid diethylamide kicked in, it was a place to dream and to poetize.

The crickets and the male king of saxony bird-of-paradise alone were already playfully synchronizing their microsounds like from another galaxy. The curl-crested manucode sounded like an UFO landing and provided the Sci-Fi atmosphere to embrace the cerebral climax of the mindspace experience. The microsonic particles revealed a more fluid and supple medium. The sparse emissions evaporated, coalesced, and mutated with smooth transitions into other surreal sounds. A trippy realm of rhythmic traces that simply hypnotized you.

If heaven was a cozy trip to the clouds, and hell was this brutal fire, in which souls were subjected to punitive suffering, then this place was the bittersweet synthesis of the two, the golden ratio in between. It was a re-enchantment, inviting you to creatively journey through imaginative, non-linear time. All the inspiration was surrounding you, inducing exaltation. But knowing all this was just a simulated experience, a simulated intimacy with a curated form of nature, preserved and genetically modified, had a bitter taste that created a response of melancholia. I was thrilled, excited, mesmerized, but also reminded of the tragedy of our civilization of having totally underestimated the concept of irreversability of time. We were always already too late.

Right here, right now, I was battling the end boss in a cosmological endgame scenario, the self-referential strange loop, me, myself, and I, an embodiment of hubris and ignorance. Mankind had created worlds like Gods. My species had built civilizations that rose to become infamous only then to collapse. We had killed each other over and over again out of greed and envy. We had died billions of deaths. Our reign lasted 100.000 years on earth, an almost non-existent fraction in the face of an exeleratingly expanding universe. And we still remained nothing more than food for worms. The drugs began to kick in, existential punches of psychoanalytical soothing. It felt like crawling back into my mother’s womb. Everything around me began to flow out of me, back into me, like I was simultaniously the source and the estuary of Heraclitus river. The snake that eats its own tail. Ouroboros.

Then I began to understand, and still continue to understand. Devouring yourself, and turning yourself into a circulatory process of always forever becoming, is what the individuation process of self-actualization meant. Know thyself. Nosce te ipsum or temet nosce. The Delphic maxim which offers the cataclysmic truth that is downright dangerous for your mind. A cerebral possibility explosion of cosmic scale. You are the world that you perceive, a world which actualizes from what you want to see, which defines and informs what you can see, shaping your neuroception that essentially frames your worldview and plastically builds your capacities. We are able to use our neuro architecture, to reshape our neuro architecture, to create better neuro architecture, to exactly be what our neuro architecture then becomes. Self-setting, goal-oriented cyborgs, hacking its own reward system.

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