Leveling-Up Whole-Systems Change

Leveling-Up Whole-Systems Change

The research proposal has been written in November 2019.

The research project attempts to level-up whole-systems change as anticipatory action-research. Leveling-up is an expression from the gaming world. It means to progress to the next level, often by acquiring experience points. A whole-systems approach to change, demands an increase in complexity to understand the emergence of more complexity. We are thus moving complexity, not only into the realm of more complexity, in which we breathe a higher dimensionality of complexity but into an epistemology of subjective experience, through which we can evolve collective intelligence. By doing that, we attempt to overcome the shortcoming that we do lack any ontological knowledge about the being of ourselves in our capacity of being the subject of scientific knowledge. Inconvenient truths are always-already trans-paradigmatic, trans-perspective, trans-contextual, hence, trans-disciplinary. To transcend (Latin transcendere, from trans- ‘across’ + scandere ‘climb’) might enable us to utilize an epistemic objectivity of those elements that contain ontological subjectivity. The move from semantic abstraction as textbook analytics into experiences as a pre-mediation of the futuristic, leading to embodied knowledge of the potential decolonization of images of the future, relates to the insights we can systemically gain from “playing” with the prospective brain. The prospective brain implies that a shared brain network underlies both memories of the past and imagination of the future. If we consider the possibility to jailbreak (a modification to remove restrictions) the prospective brain, then we could portray the prospective brain in terms of memetics that has the potential to be so widely distributed and deeply affective that it becomes a determining factor for evolution itself, so that we could then harness this meme-gene co-interaction for creative evolution, to design immersive learning experiences, to level-up whole-systems change. Immersive learning experiences help us to become at ease with the uncertainty in the paradoxically simultaneous co-evolution of ‘virtuous’ and ‘vicious’ feedback loops in complex systems.


It is worth noticing that safe space implies from our standpoint a space in which we are free to express what we feel, what we think, and what we believe without censorship, and where we are learning in sensing together through the reciprocal arrangement of mutual learning, an evolutionary form of cooperation, collaborative thought, and an increase in interpersonal coherence, the gift of trusting one another. A safe space is not a space where people have a right not to feel offended. Unorthodoxy, divergence, iconoclasm, and transgression are always offensive. In a safe space, we are however learning to cope with these real-life complexities and the challenges that arise in conflict, fringes, and friction. This is the essence of a community of practice, deep thinking, deep caring, and deep learning.

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