Definitional Wordplay

Definitional Wordplay

The Progressional Stagnation Paradox arises in the nonsensical logic of educating yourself to such a degree that you begin to be unable to fit into anything anymore and everything you further desire to become and to do is being oppressed and fought by the existing system.

The Digital Gulag consists of persistent radical exclusion, a politics of disaffiliation, censorship in case you are unwilling to self-censor your emancipatory and critical voice, and a beginning of a de-humanization of such a person who dares to confide any of it to anyone.

The Antidotes:

The discovery of a forest of worlds. Delicate plants with neurotrophic effects. Thinking in terms of possibilities and potentialities is epistemological therapy to overcome the discomfort of the dysfunctionalities of our time.

Gregarious flowering happens when all populations of species flower all at once, a synchronicity of going above and beyond the previous baseline, due to a genetically pre-programmed predilection for thriving as a social organism in the face of doom to decay.

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