Batman – complicity and hypocrisy

Batman – complicity and hypocrisy

I have been recently quite intrigued by the seemingly underrated and undervalued meaning of two words, namely, complicity and hypocrisy. Both, seem so far away and yet, I wonder, if it’s not the very essence of our ill-guided direction? To give you a pop-cultural example, I was always wondering how Batman did it. No, really, how is he doing it? Acting so cool and confident, thinking he is the solution to the problem, and not seeing his complicity and hypocrisy at all, whatsoever, none, nothing! The level of psychotic, schizophrenic, paranoid, viciously exacerbating self-fulfilling prophecy is beyond anything else, besides our own role in all of that what manifests around us in real life, as real life consequences, of our real life choices. Thus, Batman literally serves as the allegory, the perfect parallel visualization of our identity crises that reveals hidden meaning, our denial of complicity and hypocrisy in hyper-abstract and tragically comical terms.

I’m not saying being rich is the problem here per se (although I could say exactly that related to the legitimized greed of wanting more than others). But according to Marx, Piketty, and Wallerstein, as well as the usual suspects, striving towards it, keeping the pedagogical project of exactly such a reward system alive and even expanding it, ubiquitously penetrating every sphere of our life, as an administration of existence itself, continuing to think within its patterns and paradigms, IS obviously the problem. Just by the definition of the mechanics and dynamics of the capital system as such, which I elaborated on in my pretty shitty Master’s Thesis, for those of you who would like to engage in some cross-reference reading, we are essentially perpetrating and perpetuating ongoing and multiplying dystopian images. But back to Batman, the guy who is ultra rich and in order to feel better about himself, dresses up like a fucking man-bat, in order to beat up those who have been officially labelled as criminals. The income of a criminal is generated through the corrupt behavioral patterns based on apparent bad life choices, and alleged loopholes in the system that allow those necessary characteristics to prosper. But to be more precise, crime is the very foundation of our system that keeps it essentially alive, the anonymous, symbolic, structural, systemic violence that we all know of, but have difficulties to articulate well enough in order to single it out for reasons of elimination. Crime is the other side of the coin so to say, exemplified by the cash money from drug cartels that rebooted the same, old infrastructure after the financial collapse in 2008. We all know that, right?!

Now the level we are systemically, collectively, and individually reaching is somehow merging with the fiction of the allegory. I mean that is now the seriously crazy part. Investing in futures, traded at ordinary stock markets, that are bets on the development of a cryptocurrency, which essentially serves as a speculation tool, but whose becoming or coming into existence happens at another level, of which cryptojacking is or can be a part of, which is the moment your computer heats up like hell itself, is making something real that didn’t exist before, legitimizing it, but nonetheless also assimilating it in the very usual style of capitalism, thus leading towards its cooptation as always. And it has paradoxically always already been implicit like the perfect crime, where reality has been murdered, described in perfect tense, without a crime scene, undetected, without an identifiable perpetrator or the knowledge of the existence of a victim, defined by the total absence of a motif. Maybe it is all true. Maybe neoliberalism is like capitalism on crack. Maybe it is this vibrating and shattering force that sucks everything in like a black hole, burns like a nuclear fireball so much longer than any of us will ever be. Maybe it is a natural law that we cannot defy. Maybe. Or maybe it is not?

Maybe the answer is somewhere there where we experience the wonder and magic of healing. Traumatic healing; physical healing; the healing of the soul; the healing of our environment, of nature itself; the healing of our wounds, your wounds, my wounds; the healing with hands that are gentle and kind; the healing with words that come from a place called love; the healing of oneself; the healing of those fragile creatures that surround us and whose pain and suffering is ours; the healing of all that what we cannot change alone; the healing of all those who bleed and scream in silence; the healing of those who don’t have a voice or a lobby; the healing of a world that seems intellectually and emotionally out of balance; the healing of our own identity as complicit and hypocritical agents in the scheme to obscure and confuse us all from seeing what it truly takes to live a life worth living.

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