Actions Count More Than Words

Actions Count More Than Words

Futurists claim that they work for the pluralistic futures. Are Futurists successful in delivering what they claim? Or are they consciously or unconsciously working for the exact opposite? Have Futurists found strategies and pathways to reduce their ecological footprint radically in times of a climate crisis to avoid the foreclosure of the futures? Do Futurists co-evolve healing fictions with which they reconcile trauma and solve conflicts? How are Futurists increasing interpersonal coherence with unauthorized knowledge and transgressive wisdom? Do Futurists have moral obligations, or is opportunism making their ethical code of conduct highly malleable and flexible? What are the definitions of the Futurist practitioners’ existential risks ethics? Are Futurists inviting unorthodoxy and iconoclasm into their field? Or do Futurists stigmatize and radically exclude divergent and dissentient thinkers? How do Futurists solve the feud between hubris and nemesis? How are Futurists dealing with inconvenient truths? Are circles of Futurists creating unrestricted narrative warfare against critical voices? Are power imbalances deliberately ignored by Futurists to avoid confrontation with power abusers? Are Futurists establishing Neofeudalism? Are they in need of fresh blood to keep the illusion alive that the field serves the people? Do Futurists have nationalistic agendas? What is the role of Futurists in preparing regime change? What are the characteristics and community of practice counter-narratives that Futurists have learned to embody against neoliberalism; the competitive, scarcity-based, short-term-oriented market system? Are Futurists embracing transparency or are they advancing a shadow economy? Are gaming and design interventions for Futurists opening up new spaces for alternative actions, or are gaming workshops and design interventions just distracting from political inaction and assimilation into the dynamics of predatory capitalism? Did Futurists drink their Kool-Aid? Is Futures Studies an ideology that enforces non-dialogue and a politics of disaffiliation, or is the discipline open to debate content, context, and questions about directionality? Which are the actions verifying that the future of others and of otherness means something to Futurists? Is mandatory positivity misunderstood by Futurists as a guarantee of quality? Has the Disneyfication and the McDonaldization entirely perverted the field of Futures Studies? Is Futures Studies fascism with a smile? Are Futurists considering omni-positive purposes, or do Futurists enact their future against other groups and individuals? Which warfare strategies are applied that contradict or oppose pacifism? Are economic and psychological violence and manipulation part of their game to portray their field in a positive light? Is ingroup and outgroup thinking a determining factor for being a Futurist? Do Futurists exercise symbolic human sacrifice? We have seen an intensification in symptoms of all types of crises all around the globe. What are the devoted actions of Futurists that distinguish their actions from others and which actions aim at the root causes, the deepest mythological meanings? Or what are the similarities with the pathologies of our time? What are the actions that go above and beyond hypocritical and complicit, privileged top-down preaching lip services? What is the difference that a Futurist embodies that actually makes a difference? What are actually the plasticity and design parameters for other possible futures? How can ideation and implementation parameters work to alter the directionality of evolutionary timelines? How does a Futurist ritualize systemic transformation and social transmutation and incentivize metasystem transitions?

The jury is still out, but the evidence is indicating that Futures Studies has the following agenda:

Terrorism of indifference
Inducing immiserization
Radical exclusion
Politics of disaffiliation
Emotional and intellectual impotence
Deep regulatory capture
Perversion through McDonaldization and Disneyfication
Subservient to capitalist realism
Manifesting a form of Neofeudalism
Exacerbation and malignancy of power imbalances
Fanaticism for narrative warfare
Censorship, self-censorship, and non-dialogue
Advancing a shadow economy
Hostile towards healing fiction
Institutional dysfunctionality

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