<Hello World! /> My role is to help organizations and individuals to learn about the potentialities of the pluralistic futures. In addition to that, I design future competencies, alter egos,  new transformative worlds, and countermeasures against psychopaths and narcissists who intend to dismantle our democratic value systems. My work is non-affiliated and breaths through para-academic facilitation, curation, and anticipatory deliberations. I am also an advocate to guarantee the civic rights for gifted and multipotential individuals. The focus of my futures research is mostly on the futures of peace and wellbeing, the evolution of governance, and sustainable systems.

The transformation and novelties, economic and social fictions, ideas not yet realized, but depending on scale and obstacles, are within our reach. What does it take to envision, create, and realize better tomorrows in times of chaos, collapsing complexity, contradictions (allegedly), irreversible losses of biodiversity, the illusion of change versus changing change, weaponized tech, the 6th extinction, the Anthropocene, within the perfect storm of an end-of-our-world-scenario, ahead of wicked problems, existential risks, and gazillion emerging clusterfucks?