<Hello World! /> I am an Agent of Transdisciplinary Transformation and Social Transmutation; Director of CTTF, the Council on Transformative and Transmutable Futures. I am the inventor of Acid Futures, Nonimages of the Future, Fiction Morphing, The 8th Sense, and the Polak Game Extended Version. In the context of my work evolution is not understood as selection, but as intelligent and favorable design of structure and organization in complex systems. I hope to establish aesthetically appealing, non-linear counter-narratives, which can help to creatively alter the direction or trajectory of our evolutionary timeline. In addition to that, I create remixes out of tools, methods, theories, approaches, images of the future, scenarios, metaphors, strategies, competencies, and shared experiences. My work therefore focuses on the decolonization of images of the future, where I transcontextually, and critically challenge unquestioned assumptions as the predominant authority of our time.

The transformation and novelties, economic and social fiction, ideas not yet realized, but depending on scale and obstacles, are within our reach. What does it take to envision, create, and realize better tomorrows in times of chaos, complexity, contradictions, irreversible losses of biodiversity, changing change, exponential tech, the 6th extinction, the Anthropocene, within the perfect storm of an end-of-our-world-scenario, ahead of wicked problems, existential risks and gazillion emerging clusterfucks?